IF I COULD FLY, I WOULD NEVER LAND ;
                                                         I WOULD BE  F   R   E   E.

                                 ONE DAY, I`LL REALIZE THAT`S A  M E T A P H O R,
                                 NOT                           A                         F A N T A S Y  . 


when your friends make new OCs and you be like


The ever badass S.H.I.E.L.D agent Melinda May.



Little arms go around his neck, smiling happily at the praise. “Thank you.” Charlee makes a face at the mention of bedtime but manages to keep her protests limited to the grimace. She could probably get a few stories out of him to buy herself a little more time. “I wanna write books. And go to lots of places.”

"Ah, so you wanna be a woman of the world, huh?" In a way, he supposes, that comes true. She certainly travels. But part of him still wonders how she winds up going from books and sightseeing to war and criminal underground busts. Given who her mother was, it wasn’t exactly surprising, but it still made him uneasy to see the contrast. "Well, as far as a starting point, it’s not bad at all." They make the stairs and he rounds the upper hallway towards her room, flicking the light on and setting her down gently. "I’m sure whatever you decide to do, you’ll be great. College or no college." 


Look at my Baby showing so much growth and maturity. 


You hype or nah

Amy + Beanies


Isabelle Hartley wakes up in the hospital to see Victoria Hand sitting in a chair, reading a trashy romance novel 

"I see being dead hasn’t changed your taste in books." 

"Yeah well, welcome to the not really dead club, its surprisingly large."